Culture: The TSG Value Proposition

The Stevenson Group is committed to making a positive impact on the healthcare ecosystem at the local, regional, country, and global level. Internally, we encourage individuality, collaboration, risk-taking, and diverse points of view. Externally, we are client-centric consultants with a service mentality, focused on over-delivering against our promises.

Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Hiring decisions make the difference between success and failure in every industry. For almost four decades, TSG has worked with clients across Life Sciences to design talent strategies and recruit senior leadership teams that align the best talent against specific business needs. Operating as an extension of their brand, our ultimate business success is intrinsically linked to the success of our clients. We succeed when our clients develop and commercialize the next generation of therapeutics, technologies, and services to transform the healthcare industry.

What We Value

Life Sciences Domain Expertise

Remaining focused in Life Sciences ensures that we can grow without compromising our high-touch approach with clients and our partner-driven service standards. As a firm, we are always mindful of the urgency of the mission of the Life Sciences industry and the contribution we make by partnering with our clients to achieve their goals.

Client Centricity

As business partners focused on service delivery, we listen first, conduct thorough research, and strive for continuous improvement. In addition to a one-year guarantee on all our placements, we provide all organizational research developed throughout the project life cycle, because we believe our clients own the finished work product on all our engagements.


To hold the entire team accountable for maintaining a high bar on client service, TSG tracks several clearly defined metrics focused on service delivery: time-to-fill, time-to-identify, and interview-to-hire ratios as well as offer acceptance and diversity hire rates.

Diversity and Inclusion

Best-in-class teams are diverse as well as collaborative. An essential component of TSG’s partnership role with our clients is to push their thinking on how candidate choice complements existing experiences, perspectives, and styles. We highlight diversity on every TSG engagement as a critical competitive advantage for any business seeking an open forum to drive productive change and prevent group think. Our quarterly tracking of overall TSG performance metrics indicates that our diversity sourcing initiatives have had a positive impact on the hiring decisions made by our clients.