Talent Mapping: Competitive Intelligence

Given our Life Sciences domain expertise and our robust research capabilities, many of our clients approach us to educate them on the broader marketplace. Knowing how their competitors are structured and resourced is invaluable intelligence when clients are revamping their business operations or expanding into new therapeutic areas and geographic markets. Often mappings are conducted simply to determine whether to proceed with a formal retained search. TSG Research participates across the full life cycle of all projects, so the team develops a thorough knowledge of client businesses, competitive environments, and competitor organizational structures.

Talent Pipelining: Proactive Recruiting

Although not every business scenario requires an immediate executive hire, maintaining a steady pipeline of “ready-now” candidates to ensure business continuity is an on-going imperative. Clients often engage TSG to develop executive pipelines in anticipation of evolving business needs, rather than for defined vacancies in the current organization. By proactively developing talent pipelines against short, mid, and long-term goals, candidate relationships established today translate to successful future hires.

Managing Active and Passive Candidates

For future roles identified as critical, TSG scans the market for active and passive candidates, initiates outreach to drill down into qualifications, interest, and availability, and then profiles and benchmarks the top talent to the client. Once the candidates chosen to move through the process have been identified, TSG partners with the client to keep prospects engaged and interested over extended periods of time. When the client is ready to hire, we can mobilize quickly with a talent bench of candidates ready to engage.

Case Studies